Our aim is to build successful business relationships with our clients and provide growth opportunities for our employees.


For the smooth running of any business operation security is of utmost importance. Similarly we at ECCT ensure that our personnel, customers, contractors, visitors and goods are secure from internal and external threats. Our terminal is equipped with CCTV Surveillance system, monitoring and tracking system for vehicles. Any delay beyond 3 hours is reported immediately and necessary action is taken. Keeping pace with the latest advancements in technology we provide mobile phone updates on truck movements. We have exclusive staff for roadside monitoring. We have round the clock security personnel to monitor entry and exit logs. Our monitoring experts ensure that there is no pilferage.

As part of our security exercise we conduct employment screening and background verification. Once inducted into our services we train our employees regularly to promote the commitment and skill of our personnel. We control the access points and ensure only authorized personnel are allowed inside the premises. No unlawful intrusion inside the premises will be tolerated and this is taken care of by our security guards round the clock. CCTV cameras register the face of the vehicle during every entry and exit. We keep 45 days CCTV backup for reference. At every step there is appropriate reporting and reviewing of all security happenings.

Peripheral Security

  • CFS perimeter enclosed by compound wall 10 feet high & topped by barbed wire.
  • In & out gates manned by well-trained adequate security personnel.
  • Integrity of perimeter fencing checked daily by CSO and also by ASO independently.
  • Guards posted at vantage areas to monitor 24x7.
  • Security cameras at the In & Out gate to monitor & record movement of men & material.
  • Various types of visitor passes for different categories.
  • Adequate lighting along the compound wall.

Security of Buildings & Assets

  • All entries to Buildings & warehouses are monitored by security.
  • Close circuit Cameras at critical points provide coverage.
  • Various registers maintained, recording activities like time of opening/closing the doors, handing over keys & movement of cargo.
  • Security guards constantly rotated to various locations to avoid familiarity.
  • Security guards trained in proper upkeep of records.
  • Color coded passes to help easy identification of work spot.
  • Access control measures restrict access to sensitive areas.
  • Adequate lighting in storage area and at the entrances.

Security of Cargo under custody

  • Verification of documents before any cargo/container is allowed entry into the CFS.
  • Three levels of checking at the gates: 1) Security, 2) Surveyor & 3) CFS gate staff to avoid any mistakes.
  • Security guards constantly on their rounds in the yard/ warehouse to prevent any acts of theft or pilferage.
  • Surprise checks by CSO to confirm only authorised persons have access to the cargo.
  • The 7 point container inspection process undertaken.
  • Adequate Fire Hydrants and Fire Extinguishers properly maintained.

Security of Personnel

  • Background check of new employees with previous employer.
  • Employee to carry/display photo ID at all times.
  • Various registers maintained, recording details of visitors/CHAs Labor work force, Vendors visiting the CFS.
  • Removal of Ex-employees from the database to prevent misuse.
  • Background check / Residential proof of laborers recorded.
  • Immediate reporting of any deviations to the CFS Manager.

Security of Data

  • Server protected by Firewall to prevent un-authorised Intrusion.
  • Latest Anti-virus software installed in server as well as clients.
  • Usage of external storage device & CD drives blocked.
  • Daily backup of data (operational & Financial) in external drive.
  • All Desktop computers / Laptops password protected which will be changed every two months.
  • Backup connectivity available for un-interrupted operation.
  • Terminated employees access immediately barred.

Security of Goods in Transit for Import

  • Container seal are checked for their intactness on arrival.
  • Transportation done in company owned trailers.
  • In case of usage of hired vehicles, done only through registered transporters and through registered trailers only.
  • Company staff at port ensure container is loaded only on registered trailers.
  • Trailer & Container detail remotely uploaded to the database.
  • Enroute tracking of trailer by company staff on the road.
  • Delay in arrival prompts auto SMS to Transport, Operations verticals.

Security of Goods in Transit for Export

  • Container seal are checked at the time of gate-out.
  • Verify validity of driver's port pass.
  • Verify validity of Trailer's Port pass.
  • Trailer & Container detail uploaded to the database.
  • Company staff at port ensure container is received only on the registered trailers
  • Enroute tracking of trailer by company staff on the road.
  • Delay in arrival prompts auto SMS to Transport, Operations verticals.